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5 Reasons To Move To Fully Managed Cloud Telecom Solutions

This article is a wakeup call for all businesses looking for that smooth transition to a fully managed Cloud solution from existing old on-premise or hybrid infrastructure. Evidence from various statistics indicate that more than 70% of companies will be moving to the Cloud in the next 2-3 years; thereby, proving that UC is here to stay and is being adopted by all businesses.

1. Flexibility Combined With Mobility

Companies are now able to consider seasonal campaigns or any unforeseen mergers and acquisitions, all thanks to the ease and scalability in UCaaS. You can now be in any location for a live video or voice chat taking calls on the move; thereby, increasing level of productivity and saving the company expensive real estate costs.

All businesses need to empower their staff members to work at different times and in places that are suited to the employee. This will help the company increase the employee’s level of satisfaction and overall retention of the staff.

2. Level of Cost Control

Utilizing the cloud-based designs and UCaaS adaptation, companies can receive all the enterprise-grade features with low Capex; as well as encompassing all the communication features, for example, voice chat, email, messaging, and video conferencing, onto a single working platform. Gone are the days of using expensive on-premise support and train in-house staff to maintain and factor for the upgrade of obsolete hardware, with UCaaS you achieve desired without the need to sacrifice on quality.

3. A More Beneficial Consumer Experience

With customers becoming more tech-savvy and knowing precisely what they desire from the UC platform, it is vital that you provide them with multichannel support to direct every call which is a business opportunity to its right product specialist. This will enhance the consumer’s overall service experience and improve the business’ reputation among clients.

4. Simple To Manage

As UC offers a single interface/server platform managing becomes user-friendly for the IT crew. This provides full control to the company administrator and factor for disaster recovery along with redundancy; thereby, ensuring high standards in service.

5. IOT And AI Will Be Unforgettable Buzzwords In Security

It is best to accept that IOT and AI are concepts that are here to stay and will be the driving force behind UCaaS deployments mixed with the various voice assistant platforms. UC security will play a major role in all businesses wanting total assurance of their data safety.

The Managed Service Providers And Their Role In UC

With the increasing growth in the UC market, it is essential that MSP managed service providers like BroadConnect Telecom play a significant role in the management and optimization of multi-level cloud solutions for their clients. Managed service providers role in the UC market will continue to grow in 2018 and to make the transition to the Cloud simple, it is important to partner with a company like BroadConnect that understands Cloud and your requirements.

Sushil Paralkar

Sushil Paralkar

Sr Business Strategist & Business Development UCaaS

Sushil Paralkar is Sales & Business Development Manager with Channel expertise, currently working with Large enterprises to Mid-Market business across all verticals. Sushil has a very strong Sales, Engineering & Technical background which helps in designing the right solution with his team of Presales, Product development for large Tender response & compliance along with core Sales Executive team and handpicked Channel partners help deliver the most up-to-date & cost-effective Voice Data & Video solutions in this market thus helping Businesses to move to Cloud & UCaaS.


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