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5 B2B Marketing Strategies
You Need To Consider

As the Marketing Director of BCT, I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to help market our business, products and services. If you’re like me, you spend HOURS combing the #Interwebz for the latest and greatest tips and tricks. If you’re sick and tired of looking for ideas on how you can improve, and effectively supercharge your B2B marketing efforts, you’re in luck. I have put together a short, but helpful strategy to help you with strengthen your existing marketing mix!

Below are my Five B2B marketing strategies you can use, RIGHT NOW, which will increase your ROI, leads, and of course, your overall sales.

#1 Narrow Down Your Target Demographic

Many B2B marketers approach their demographic with a very broad-based attitude. However, going down the road of ‘spray and pray’ can be a tremendous waste of precious marketing funds. Rather than make this mistake, narrow down your focus with hyper-targeting. Lululemon isn’t a B2B company, and yet they are a wonderful example of this concept. The members of their marketing team took the step of creating fictional personas for the men and women they want to do business with. One man was named “Duke.” At the age of 35, he enjoys athletic opportunities when he can, be it snowboarding or surfing. One such woman was named “Ocean.” She’s 32, single, and a successful professional making six digits a year in income.

At first, this strategy might seem a little silly. However, the exercise puts the reader in the psychological shoes of your ideal consumer. By doing so, you are essentially putting the reader into the lifestyle mindset that are most likely actually to resonate with them, and trigger them to buy.

#2 Encourage Feedback Whenever Possible

Would you pilot a helicopter blindfolded? Of course, you wouldn’t. Not doing any customer research or any audience surveys are practically the same thing. Many B2B Marketers feel getting feedback from their target demographic is optional and time consuming. This is not the case.

B2B marketing is something that has to be data-driven. Period! If you don’t have an informed understanding and comprehension of your audience, you will seldom connect with your audience. Using a survey process, or A/B testing that’s incorporated into your campaigns can be a great way to get the feedback you need. You’ll gain insights from your end user which can become invaluable. Try this at your next corporate event, conference or trade show.

#3 Lengthen Your Funnel

One thing separating a B2B marketing strategy from a B2C approach is that the user cycle from the point of being a prospect to being a consumer is considerably longer. There are many reasons for this. First of all, the education about products and services can take additional time. Secondly, buy-ins might need the approval of those higher up the food chain.

Finally, budget allocations and authorizations can take a while. On the other hand, quite a few B2B marketers whip up short marketing funnels thinking they mean faster sales. Extending your funnel can nurture your leads in the following ways:

  • Make content which helps inform prospects about your services or products
  • Host any webinars that provide more value than someone would get from just a sales pitch
  • Utilize social media in building up your brand through target audience engagement instead of just selling to them

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#4 Create Explainer Videos

An study by eMarketer established that B2B buyers identify video marketing as one of the top three best kinds of content, which is useful in choosing work purchases. In my findings, the best way to implement such video, is using them in short and simple explainer videos. This sort of video content should offer a short but concise overview pushing one select product, or service. Always show the distinct value proposition you’re offering, and exactly how said product with positively impact them.

#5 Establish Objectives And Milestones

Objectives are crucial, and yet milestones prove even more essential. Goals are where you finally want to be, and milestones are the specific steps that map out how you reach your destination. It sounds simple enough, and yet many marketers neglect how crucial the process of adequately setting and achieving goals is.

Start your process by evaluating your current marketing goals before reverse engineering them to identify efficient ways of reaching them. This analysis can be broken down into simple and easily comprehended milestones. Doing this simplifies the larger marketing process so that your team knows what is going on, what needs to happen, and can do what it takes to reach your marketing horizons.

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Jason Ali

Jason Ali

Marketing Director

Jason Stephen Ali is a seasoned Marketing professional, I hold the ultimate responsibility for my organisation’s Marketing activities and also oversee the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy for the business. Developed the BCT marketing strategy by studying economic indicators; tracking changes in supply and demand, identifying customers and their current and future needs and monitoring our competition.



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