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Unify Your Communications

Integrate with your favourite Apps

BroadConnect offers Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC-C) integration tools that empower you to communicate and collaborate like never before with an office phone system.

Integration is a Competitive Advantage

It’s real teamwork when you can easily connect and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers. Text, fax, call or conference – all from within your favourite productivity apps. To further improve communication and collaboration, share documents and files with others from your desktop or smartphone and your cloud storage location(s).

Unify your communication and collaboration with your business APPS

With BroadConnect UC-C tools on board, you can take or make calls right from within Gmail, Outlook or Office 365. While exploring web pages, documents or email, call linked phone numbers with one click.

  • Unify and merge separate contact lists for easy visibility on a single screen display and for time-saving scroll and search.
  • Email or fax docs from Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and Google Docs™.
  • Conduct or schedule meetings or conferences directly from your Microsoft or Google calendar apps.

We’d love to show you how BroadConnect UC-C brings your teams and contacts closer together, smartly.

Unify UC-C communications with custom APPS


BroadConnect UC-C is built for a changing world. With integrated application programming interfaces (APIs) and software developer kits (SDKs), supported by our world-class technical support advisors, you can integrate our powerful communication and collaboration capabilities with your custom apps so that your work can be shared and distributed in a way that best optimises your business and service requirements.

Unify UC-C with your Sales and Customer Support APPS


Move the dial even higher on your Sales and Customer Support metrics and effectiveness when integrating BroadConnect UC-C tools into your CRM and Support apps.

  • On outbound calls, you can quickly and accurately click to dial phone numbers in your customer records.
  • On inbound calls, the corresponding CRM or customer support profile is automatically displayed to the agent, increasing service level and improving the customer’s experience.
  • Agents are able to add new information to that record on the fly.

Unify UC-C with your cloud storage services


BroadConnect UC-C helps you unify your favorite cloud storage service with your communication and/or collaboration so that you can, for example, send or fax a meeting agenda or actual stored files from the cloud to recipients or participants. This works with your desktop or mobile device, providing VoIP business services that are a real competitive advantage.

You Are Never Alone

We are here to help you understand your product and service options, make the best choices for your organization’s needs, ensure optimal implementation and to provide ongoing technical support aligned with your needs and expectations. Your success and satisfaction are not just our mission: it is our survival factor, so our commitment could not be stronger.

Put Us to the Test

Services include any combination of: needs assessment, system design, implementation, project management, staff testing and training – user, admin and in-house tech support, ongoing technical support and custom consultation for specialized or high-security circumstances.

Need a dedicated account manager? We have that, too. If you don’t see a product or service that you want or are curious about what is on the menu, just ask. BroadConnect’ s staff are industry-leading experts who measure themselves by your satisfaction.

A competent BroadConnect customer-oriented product specialist will respond to help you understand your options and educate you about the potential opportunities that we see to improve your business communications and customer support processes, and show you how BroadConnect can be the best partner to help you realize these benefits. Call us today at 1-877-228-6616.


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