Canada's Leading VOIP Service Provider

Performance From Our Dedicated Network

Given that BroadConnect Telecom uses its own private network, Voice Packets never touch the Public Internet Space. Our network architecture virtually eliminates packet loss, jitter and latency across the country and to the PSTN, translating into higher quality calls and more satisfied customers.

VoPI Outperforms VoIP

Voice over Private Internet (VoPI) solves a lot of problems inherent in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) because of our dedicated Private Network.

Experienced Telecom Team

The BroadConnect Telecom Management Team brings decades of diverse experience and industry expertise as well as a history of success.

Exceptional Solutions

Our goal to help customers find and implement a telecom solution that meets their business needs and saves them money.

BroadSoft Platform Fully Installed

BroadSoft is a widely recognized Global leader for IP Telephony applications and their software helps us deliver Unified Communications solutions.


Experience Matters for Developing Customized Solutions

At BroadConnect, we have an extensive PBX Interconnect background in addition to being a Telco/Internet Service Provider. Our intimate knowledge of end user needs at the desk level combined with an extensive telecommunications background and skill set enables us to deliver cost-effective customized solutions to customers. This is what is different about us – we are true IP Telephony Experts.

One Communications Supplier

We package the service and the IP phones under one comprehensive plan and will take full responsibility for all aspects of procurement, installation and programming.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our goal to help customers find and implement a telecom solution that meets their business needs and saves them money.

Exceptional Solutions

Our aim is to plan, coordinate and implement a solution that maximizes client communications in ways that delivers both tangible benefits and system efficiencies.

Exceptional Service

Video conferencing is the next step in the digital revolution, allowing organizations to cut down on travel time while maintaining face time.

Focused, Lean, Flexible, Responsive & Creative

Compared to the larger telecom companies in Canada, we offer a more compact approach to our business which enables us to deliver a higher quality of service coupled with much more affordable rates. Our size aside, we are still considered to be one of the foremost leading innovators of IP Technology; in the world!

We can adjust and adapt to any changing environment quickly, thereby offering our customer’s continuously advancing features and always remaining ahead of the competition in deployment and service levels.

We work with you to deliver unique solutions for maximizing your communications

Since 2005, thousands of businesses across Canada have trusted BroadConnect as their voice and data communications provider. We have integrated BroadSoft into the Broad-Connect Network which allows you to connect any touch point to any phone, any mobile, any application in any location. BroadSoft application software seamlessly integrates telephony, mobility, video, and “office” applications like email and IM.


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BroadConnect guarantees you reliable service and advanced VoIP features.
We are on call for you to bring you the most immediate customer service possible.
Optimal solutions are developed after a personal consultation with one of our experts.