Canada's Leading VOIP Service Provider


As a leading provider of voice and data solutions, BroadConnect Telecom is a VoIP phone service business that delivers revolutionary IP Communication products and services to our customers.

BROADCONNECT Telecom Delivers Quality

At BroadConnect, we operate our own Canada wide private voice and data network given that we are a true VoIP Provider or as we have trade marked, VOPI™ [Voice Over Private Internet]. This allows us to control the first and last mile of service, meaning crystal clear voice calls that are securely delivered and are always prioritized over data communications.

Voice Packets Over Private Internet

Voice quality is delivered by our fully-managed Canada-Wide Virtual Private Network (VPN) with speed, reliability, and built-in security.

Real Competitive Advantages

Compared to the other telephone companies in Canada, we offer you a higher quality of service at better prices.

Reliability Coast to Coast

Spanning over 20,000 km from coast to coast our network is equipped with the latest digital switching technologies required to deliver 99.999% uptime.

Custom Made Solutions

Our team of engineers and IT professionals are highly experienced in the telecom market space and can tailor solutions to fit your communication needs.


We Empower Businesses Across Canada To Succeed

Our goal is to exceed established performance standards while offering our customers innovative communication solutions coupled with the highest personal service. Whether it is a small 2-5 phone user customer or an enterprise with 500+ phones, we have built a voice and data network suitable for all types of customers. BroadConnect aims to be the industry’s leading knowledgeable resource for emerging data, video and voice technologies.


IP Telephony solutions for voice provide customers with the feature advantages of a digital environment with the quality they have come to expect.


Providing quality data services makes BroadConnect a one stop supplier for all your communication needs.

Unified Communications

Our streamlined, solutions improve employee productivity and enhance overall company performance.


Video conferencing is the next step in the digital revolution, allowing organizations to cut down on travel time while maintaining face time.

BROADCONNECT Telecom Simplifies Business Communications

We are focused, lean, flexible, and responsive. We can adjust and adapt to any changing environment, quickly. We offer our customer’s peace of mind by continuously advancing our features, thereby remaining ahead of the competition in deployment and service levels.

  • We offer the convenience of working with one supplier, a simplified pricing structure and a single bill. Support staff is available 24×7: we are here when you need us.
  • Our network and business model was developed to satisfy the needs of every business.
  • Our redundancy strategy is supported by deploying all software and hardware equipment in paired, redundant configurations such that load-sharing and fail-over mechanisms are in place for any of our Super-POP locations. This will provide high-quality voice and data communication services.

BROADCONNECT Telecom Delivers Innovative Products & Services

Our company headquarters is based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we have regional offices across the country. We pride ourselves on being a Canadian company offering fellow Canadian businesses the quality, service and features they’d expect from their traditional phone company.

We recognize the integral role our customers play in our organization and strive to work together to solve even the most challenging problems with patience, wisdom and integrity. This, in our opinion, is the only way a business can operate successfully for the long term.

As a leader among communication solution providers, the key to our ongoing success is delivering new technologies to the marketplace and having a continued focus on our customers.

Get the right IP Telephony services at the right price



BroadConnect guarantees you reliable service and advanced VoIP features.
We are on-call for you, to bring you the most immediate customer service possible.
Optimal solutions are developed after a personal consultation with one of our experts.