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Industry Solutions for Office Phone Systems

BroadConnect next generation IP Telephony services are turning workplaces and remote office locations into seamless workplace environments through the convergence of voice, video, and data IP networks combined into a single, powerful, highly secure communication tool.

Efficient & Cost Effective

Our office phone system solutions place you in a position to take advantage of new features in a cost effective environment.

Enhanced Collaboration Tools

Voice, video, and data converge in a manner that allow an explosion in applications that connect directly to business processes.

Capitalize On Workforce Mobility

The workplace takes on a new definition by extending communication functionality to where workers are.

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Unified communications bring together all your communications allowing you to better server customers and build strong relationships.
As a result, our IP Telephony services combined with a superior process allows us to create the ultimate office phone system solutions for our customers.

SMB Advantages

Broad-Connect offers small and medium-sized business a managed, securely hosted, end-to-end voice and data system that gives them the same capabilities large companies enjoy at a savings over their current voice and data providers.
Enterprise Advantages

Broad-Connect delivers unprecedented reliability through a private network, has world-class disaster recovery tools and highly trained, customer-oriented employees conducting support and training for your organization.

We Customize Office Phone Systems to Fit Your Needs

An office telephone system used in todays' business environments can be customized for a single user up to a multiline system covering branch across the country or around the world.

Learn About Our Industry Solutions

Learn About Our Industry Solutions

Financial Services: Don't Let the Ever-Changing Market Pass You By

Economic success dictates that enterprises be heavily reliant on efficient access to instant communications. Modern business must keep their boots to the ground in order to maintain steady pace in a highly competitive market. In an environment where readily available access to expert financial services is necessary for everything from decision making to corporate risk intervention stable and tangible communications solutions are imperative. BroadConnect is an expert in delivering results-driven communications solutions uniquely tailored to meet the demanding needs of the finance industry.

Health Care: Connecting Patients, Medical Providers, and Stakeholders

BroadConnect is uniquely positioned to greatly enhance the capabilities of the healthcare industry by delivering network technologies designed to alter the way patients and healthcare providers connect, exchange and obtain information, and collaborate.

Our highly advance system utilizes an entire network of interoperable technologies designed to simplify healthcare communications and strengthen the lines of communications between doctors and patients. We envision a Connected Health Ecosystem capable of moulding the healthcare industry.

Retail: Bringing the Customer Experience to New Heights

Whether in person, online, or over the phone, customers demand quick and efficient access to services. Exceptional service means a world of difference when it comes to customer loyalties and your company's bottom line. Customers define a great experience by how quickly their calls are answered and how promptly they are routed to the correct department or listing - regardless of how much distance is between them and the employee.

BroadConnect's retail solutions were created with this in mind. Trust us to ensure that your customers' needs are being met efficiently and promptly.

Real Estate: Bridging the Gaps

The competitive ebbs and flows of the modern real estate market provides ample opportunities for effective use of IP Telephony. Busy realtors and brokers on the go understand the immense need to always be available.

BroadConnect has proven their abilities to enhance the end user experience and fully prepared to deliver tangible solutions engineered to keep real estate professionals and buyers and sellers connected, in real time, all the time.

Government: Collaborating Excellence

Governments around the country have reported substantial improvements in their workforce efficiency thanks to the power of unified communications and the ability to enhance citizen service delivery. Reap the benefits of BroadConnect's Collaboration portfolio today.

Hospitality: Integrated, Flexible Communications Solutions

The foundation of the hospitality industry was built around effective communications. As a customer of BroadConnect's hospitality solutions, you can expect customizable, efficient communications uniquely engineered to meet the complex needs of your industry. Hoteliers of all sizes will revel in the benefits of streamlined communications, scalable solutions, and immediate cost savings.

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