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Medium Sized Business Solutions

At Broad-Connect we understand the growing pains SMBs deal with when demand exceeds capacity under premise based communication infrastructure. Don’t compromise the way you conduct business simply because your current telecom solution isn’t up to par. Broad-Connect offers a custom solution that allows your business to grow one line at a time. Our solution has been proven to exceed the features used by many Fortune 500 companies for a fraction of the cost.

Business Features for that Professional Look & Feel

Since first impressions truly are everything, Broad-Connect helps to improve your corporate identify with simple features such as an auto attendant, dial-by-name directory, voicemail-to-email, and music-on-hold. Additional business enhancing features include conferencing and remote worker support to accommodate your needs as your business grows.

Flexibility to Enhance or Grow

The beauty of a Hosted PBX solution is scalability. Grow one line at a time and only pay for the services you will use. No more wasteful unused lines r hindering business productivity because of installation. Broad-Connect provides a customizable solution making a quick seamless transition each time you add employees, features, or services.

Call/Contact Centre

Improve your sales and customer satisfaction rates as your business grows and your consumer base expands. Retaining customer relations has never been easier using Broad-Connect's Outlook and Salesforce Integration solution. Accessing CRM records and managing efficient campaigns will save customers time and frustration. Another great feature to have is remote agent login from different offices or regions.

Simplify and Lower Cost

Broad-Connect delivers a Hosted PBX solution while eliminating the overhead costs associated with a premise based system. Traditional PBX incurs expenses every time maintenance is required or additional hardware is needed. Hosted PBX allows you to work smarter not harder by giving you the ability to do more with less. Take advantage of all of the calling features you currently have plus all the conveniences of an advanced communications infrastructure for a fraction of the cost.

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