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BroadSoft BroadCloud Web Collaboration

BroadCloud Web Collaboration provides useful, customizable, efficiency-driven features that simplify how today's organizations manage and attend meetings.

With face-to-face, multi-person video, organizations can broaden their collaborative toolset and deepen engagement by doing more - whether its call scheduling, demonstrating product demos and hosting targeted webinars, to using desktop application or region sharing to work more closely with remote team members and clients.

As a hosted service, BroadCloud Web Collaboration provides an easy-to-use online interface. The technology behind it enables easy access to sessions and meetings free of firewall and proxy barriers, so that participants can connect easily without wasting time trying to get into the session.

BroadCloud Web Collaboration includes applications for meetings, webinars, learning and support.

BroadSoft BroadCloud Web Collaboration Features

Intuitive Interface

The interface is rich and easy-to-use.

Multi-Person Video

With multi-person video, sales and service teams can be face-to-face with customers.

Multiple Language Support

Easily edit or add new languages to reach an international audience.

Full End-to-End Encryption

Encryption with SSL and up to AES-256.

Integrated Audio Conferencing

Users can leverage BroadWorks Meet-Me Audio Conferencing for a fully integrated service.

Media Files & Live Video Stream

Presenters can reference a wide variety of formats for media files and a live video stream.

Closed Captioning

Presenters have the option to enable closed captioning in live sessions and recordings.

Green Meter

With the unique Green Meter attendees can see an automated tracking and calculation of the emissions, travel and costs they saved by using Web Collaboration instead of traveling to a meeting.

Third Party Integrations

Web Collaboration integrates with apps like Outlook, Salesforce, Facebook, etc. and open SOAP-based web services.

Passcode Join

Users can join sessions using the audio conference moderator code and passcode.


Increase Productivity

Teams can collaborate with each other in real-time to share documents, ideas, plans, schedules or any medium needed to accelerate group activity across time and space.

Cost Savings

Save training costs by sharing materials and resources with two or 250 participants and expand collaboration capabilities.


Communicate across the building or around the world, without difficulty and at anytime.


Supports video conferencing for multiple participants, allowing users to experience the benefits and advantages of a muti-party video conference.

Increased Levels of Customer Service

Dramatically reduce time-to-resolution by connecting to support representatives who will control your customer's desktop or application to instantly access and resolve problems.

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