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BYOD With MobileLink Smartphone Integration

BroadTouch MobileLink is a simple (non-VoIP) client that enables end-user's to make and receive calls using their business identity, from their personal smartphones (BYOD). This will empower your mobile workforce as they will have all the functionality of using an office PBX phone on the road.

Extend Your PBX to Smartphones

Expand business services to existing smartphones and help organizations solve their BYOD issues.

Call Logs & Corporate Directory

Users can view placed, received and missed calls regardless of the device that was used and they can search the corporate directory.

Reduce Costs

BroadTouch MobileLink is a low cost solution and does not require the purchase of additional network equipment or handsets.

Bill All Calls to Your Office Line

All calls, long distance and local, will be billed to your office line. For those with unlimited incoming calls on their smartphones, means UNLIMITED AIRTIME.

Extend Business Services to Smartphones without A Hardware Purchase

broadsoft mobilelink

This unique solution enables service providers to extend business services to an end-user's smartphone - without the need to purchase complex network or customer-premise equipment (CPE) equipment.

Operator and system neutral, BroadTouch MobileLink is completely integrated with the BroadWorks service delivery platform, turning the business user's personal mobile into an extension of the PBX. Users can now dial and manage calls just as they would from their office desk phone, including tracking calls, picking up business voicemail, managing personal settings, and more.

With MobileLink, users can also search corporate directories, click-to-dial from the contact, and manage calling options, including call through (direct dial without pin codes or two-stage dialing) and call back (invokes a call from the BroadWorks system, avoiding roaming charges.)

Existing Smartphones Can Be Easily Added to the Business Package

This includes both corporate issued and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) smartphones, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. As the trend to BYOD increases, organizations are looking for ways to control smartphone usage and costs. The BroadTouch MobileLink solution, in combination with BroadWorks Mobility services, enables IT departments to track and manage mobile usage even on personal devices.

MobileLink also integrates with BroadTouch Msg.Now - a fixed line text messaging solution that allows users to send and receive text messages using their business number. Msg.Now is launched from within the MobileLink client with the tap of an icon, allowing users to switch back and forth between apps.

BroadTouch MobileLink Functional Overview

BroadTouch MobileLink is integrated tightly with BroadWorks and is suited for both hosted PBX and SIP trunking offers, enabling service providers to add mobile extensions to the IP-PBX, or hosted PBX device.

By assigning BroadWorks Mobility services to users, providers can now link BroadWorks business line services to almost any smartphone.

The BroadTouch MobileLink client provides the following functionality for Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphones and can be downloaded at no charge from their app stores.

broadsoft mobilelink

Key Features

Business Call Management

• Outgoing calls can be made from the user's personal smartphone over any mobile network, and will display the business phone number

• Incoming calls to the business number can also be received and managed from the user's smartphone

Dialing Modes

• "Call Back" can be chosen when roaming, in order to bypass toll charges in a visited network
    - MobileLink invokes a BroadWorks call back to the user's smartphone

Search and Click-to-Dial

• Users may search contacts in the BroadWorks enterprise directory and then click-to-dial

• Users may search contacts in the local phone contact database and then click-to-dial

Access Call Logs/History

• Users may view placed, received and missed calls related to the business phone number - regardless of the device that was used (desk phone or mobile)

• Users can click-to-dial from any call log, and originate the call with the business phone number

Manage Call Settings

• Control how incoming business calls are delivered - to smartphone or desk phone, or to both

• Set up call forwarding, do-not-disturb, remote office, and other BroadWorks calling features

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