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Audio Conferencing

Phone conferencing is used by everyone from individual consultants to small businesses to Fortune-class companies. Whether you are a home-based business with a single office or a multi-national company with locations worldwide, BroadConnect Telecom offers a wide-range of audio conference calling services to meet your needs.

Single Platform

One platform for all communications services eliminates the need for 3rd Party conferencing solutions.

Simplified Controls

A unified, browser-based interface for scheduling conferences and controlling and recording calls in process.

On-Demand Instant Conferencing

Users can initiate calls and Instant Group Calls directly from their phones or desktop tool bars, without the need for bridge numbers and PIN codes.

Large Scale Conferencing

Users can have their own Meet-Me conference bridge for on-demand meetings, or schedule conferences and notify participants.

Broad-Connect Offers Both Instant & Scheduled Conferencing

BroadConnect supports Instant Conferencing to meet the needs of a few participants, and Scheduled Conferencing to support large formal conferences with hundreds of participants. You can count on BroadConnect and our knowledgeable staff for on-demand audio conferencing assistance so that you can conduct a call with 1000's of participants.

Instant Group Call - Instant Group Call is a feature that allows a user to alert and bridge together a predefined list of users by dialing a single number or extension.
Managing Conference Calls - Leaders can manage active conference calls and participants, record and archive conferences, and schedule one-time or recurring conferences via the web portal.
Ideal Solutions - We offer the ideal solution for day-to-day communications by delivering automated, easy-to-use, reliable and cost-effective audio conferencing.
BroadConnect Reliability - Broad-Connect combines 99.99% published uptime with our industry-leading, 24/7 customer support to ensure that your remote meetings always run smoothly.

Our Audio Conference Service Provides A Rich User Experience

  • Support both instant on-demand and reservation based audio conferences.
  • Customize each audio conference room per your requirements, e.g., select entry tones, select memorable vanity PINs, turn recording on/off, select auto-call back on/off, select enter audio conference muted on/off etc.
  • Schedule recurring audio conferences via the Web Portal and use the Microsoft Outlook to send invitations to desired participants.
  • See real time views of your running audio conference via the Web Portal where participants are identified by name or caller ID.
  • Display the loudest speaker. This allows for the identification and muting of a participant who may be inadvertently injecting noise into the audio conference.
  • Exercise multiple in-conference controls via phone key presses or through the Web portal.
  • Merge two or more audio conferences into one without dropping any calls, as well as transfer participants between audio conferences.
  • Send a detailed end of conference summary report to the moderator when the audio conference is completed.
  • Forward usage data and associated CDRs to an external billing system via TCP/IP based interface.

How to Conduct An Audio Conference

Custom Audio Conferencing Solutions - Full Feature Set

If you're not sure what audio conference calling service you need or require a custom audio conferencing solution, just ask a Broad-Connect Telecom representative at 877-228-6616. We can quickly assess your needs and efficiently set up a phone conference solution to meet your immediate and long-term requirements.

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